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School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Literacy Development and Learning Problems Specialization

The focus of the Literacy Development & Learning Problems (LDLP) specialization is on literacy development and instruction with particular attention to students with learning problems, including problems due to disability and to background. There is a balanced emphasis on reading and writing, including developing these skills in digital environments.

Program Coordinator: Danielle Ford

Specialization Coordinator: David Coker

In addition to the Doctoral Core Courses, the following specialization courses are required of all Ph.D. students in LDLP:

  • EDUC 802: Reading Development and Instruction
  • EDUC 807: Writing Development and Instruction
  • EDUC 822: Critical Issues in Literacy Development and Learning Problems

Sample Course Schedules

Sample LDPLP course schedules for students who enter the Ph.D. program in the following semesters are available through the links below.

All Ph.D. students in this specialization must also pass a specialization area exam in Literacy Development and Learning Problems.


Program Faculty

Faculty affiliated with this specialization area:

“I have collaborated extensively with my doctoral advisor, Dr. Sharon Walpole and several other UD faculty members. As a result of this support, I was recognized by the International Literacy Association in the summer 2018, receiving the Steven A. Stahl Research Grant to aid in funding my dissertation research. I never could have imagined achieving all of these goals when I first started this program, but the faculty in the School of Education have always encouraged me and supported me in doing so.”

John Strong, Ph.D. in Literacy Development and Learning Problems