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School of Education

Completing the BSED in Newark

Students who complete the Associate in Arts (AA) degree in Elementary Teacher Education need to satisfy the following two requirements in order to complete their degree on the Newark campus.

  • Earn a minimum 2.6 GPA in the AA degree.
  • Pass the Praxis Core reading, mathematics, and writing tests according to the State of Delaware guidelines.

AA students who plan to complete their bachelor’s degree in Elementary Teacher Education (BSED) on the Newark campus will choose one of six concentrations for their program:

They will take Concentration, General Studies, and Professional Studies courses to complete the BSED degree. These courses are listed in the Elementary Teacher Education program course requirements. AA students will complete their Professional Studies courses and Concentration courses in their final two years on the Newark campus. They will have completed the General Studies courses for the BSED degree on the Georgetown campus. All Elementary Teacher Education seniors, including students who were on the Georgetown campus for their first two years, have the opportunity to student teach in southern Delaware.