Two Types of Praxis Tests

Please click on the test below to learn more about the Praxis tests that are required for students in the Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) Program.

ETE students must take the Praxis II tests that are required for State of Delaware teacher certification in elementary education and in the area of their concentration (e.g., special education) prior to graduation. Students must pass these Praxis II tests according to the State of Delaware guidelines in order to earn institutional recommendation for teacher certification. This institutional recommendation is noted on students’ transcripts and is needed to apply for teacher certification in Delaware and other states.

Registering for the Tests

Students can register for the Praxis tests on the ETS web site. They can take the tests wherever there is a testing location that administers them; they do not have to take the tests in Delaware. The test can be taken at the UD Computer Based Testing Center (CBTC) at 218 Allison Hall or at a location listed on the ETS web site.

When students register for the test, they can designate where they want their test scores sent. They can have scores sent to four places for free. UD students must designate the University of Delaware (5811) as one of their score recipients. In addition to UD, they should designate as score recipients three other states where they may want to teach and that require the test.

When To Take The Tests

ETE students should take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test by January of their sophomore year. All UD teacher education candidates should take the Praxis II tests by February of their senior year. Information on when students will receive your scores is available here.

ETE students are prepared to take the Praxis II Elementary Education test after they complete their block of elementary education curriculum (methods) courses. Students in the special education concentration are prepared to take the Praxis II Special Education test after they complete their special education courses. Students in the ESL and middle school concentrations are prepared to take their area-specific Praxis II tests after they have completed most or all of their concentration area coursework.

Preparing For The Tests

Students can download free test preparation materials from the ETS web site, including the Study Companions that describe the content of the tests and provide sample test questions. They can also purchase a more complete study guide at a bookstore or review guides available in the Educational Resource Center at 015 Willard Hall. In addition, the links below lead to additional support materials.