Dr. Bill Lewis teaching class

Concentration coordinator: William Lewis

Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) students who pursue this concentration can become eligible for middle school English certification when they successfully complete the following courses with a grade of C- or better and pass the relevant Praxis II test identified on the Praxis II web page. Students must also have a minimum 2.75 GPA in their English courses, including ENGL 110, prior to enrolling in the student teaching experience EDUC 400.

Course Requirements

Please note: The following courses are required for students who entered UD in Fall 2015 or later. Please see the concentration requirements for the school year in which you entered UD if you entered the University in Spring 2015 or earlier.

Core Courses
ENGL 204 American Literature 3
ENGL 206 British Literature II 3
ENGL 294 English Language: Grammar and Usage 3
EDUC 396 Teaching Composition in Secondary School 3
EDUC/ENGL 403 Literature for Adolescents: Multimedia Texts 3
EDUC 320 Reading and Writing in the Middle Grades 3
EDUC 400 Student Teaching: Middle School English 6


One of the following genre courses
ENGL 207 Introduction to Poetry 3
ENGL 208 Introduction to Drama 3
ENGL 209 Introduction to the Novel 3
ENGL 210 Introduction to Short Story 3


One of the following writing courses
ENGL 227 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENGL 301 Advanced Writing 3
ENGL 303 Script Writing 3
ENGL 304 Poetry Writing 3
ENGL 305 Fiction Writing 3
ENGL 306 Topics in Writing 3
ENGL 307 News Writing and Editing 3
ENGL 392 Teaching Writing One-to-One 3