A teacher works with two boys who are readingThe minor in Educational Studies provides students with the opportunity to learn about the field of education. Students examine ideas and issues within the areas of American education, special education, cultural diversity and the development of students.

The following information is for students who declare the educational studies minor in Fall 2013 or later. Please see the minor requirements prior to Fall 2013 if you declared the minor before Fall 2013.

All six courses (18-19 credits) must be successfully completed with a grade of C- or better. This minor does not lead to teacher certification. Please contact Vickie Lucas at vickie@udel.edu or 831-8933 if you have any questions about the minor.

Course Requirements (for students who declare the minor in Fall 2013 or later)

Core Courses

  • EDUC 240: Legal and Ethical Issues in American Education
  • EDUC 247: The History of Education in America
  • EDUC 470: Topics in Education (Spring only)


One of the following special education courses

  • EDUC 230: Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • EDUC 414: Teaching Exceptional Adolescents


One of the following cultural diversity courses

  • EDUC 258: Cultural Diversity, Schooling and the Teacher
  • EDUC 259: Cultural Diversity in Community Contexts
  • EDUC 419: Diversity in Secondary Education
  • EDUC 459: Urban Schools and Urban Landscapes (Spring only)


One of following development of students courses

  • EDUC 205: Human Development: Grades K-8
  • EDUC 297: Introduction to Psychology in Schools (Spring only)
  • EDUC 413: Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology (4 credits; secondary education majors only)