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School of Education

Director’s Welcome

The field of education is receiving unprecedented attention from policy makers, parents and scholars alike. People are genuinely concerned about the quality of schooling and whether our children are being prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly challenging world.  Academic knowledge and thinking skills surely contribute to a satisfying and productive life. However, success in school and throughout life rests on a foundation of social and communicative competencies. Teachers and all educational professionals play a critical role in promoting the development of these core competencies and skills.

The University of Delaware’s School of Education (SOE) is a nationally recognized and authoritative source of knowledge about the practices that impact students’ academic and social development and educators’ professional development. Our 61 faculty members work with over 1000 students in our diverse undergraduate programs and graduate programs.

Our graduate programs, which are ranked 32nd by U.S. News & World Report, include faculty members who conduct groundbreaking research about questions of great educational significance.

  • What cultural and instructional practices improve teaching quality and student learning?
  • How does play contribute to children’s academic and social development?
  • What are the precursors of children’s early mathematical competencies?
  • How do we design technology-supported learning environments that promote the development of teachers and students?
  • What kinds of instructional practices promote the development of children’s writing skills?
  • What kinds of instructional and institutional supports promote the successful of transition of students with disabilities?

These and many other fascinating research projects await your involvement!

The Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) program is nationally accredited and prepares students to become effective and innovative elementary, middle school and special education teachers. Students in our ETE program participate in a wide range of field placements that begin in the freshman year and continue through graduation.  Furthermore, the University of Delaware established the first study abroad program in America. Through the Institute for Global Studies, students in the ETE program participate in study abroad programs in places such as London, Rome, Florence, Barcelona and Budapest.

As you can see, the SOE is an intellectually vibrant community that affords nearly limitless opportunities for your professional and personal development. If you have any questions or wish additional information about any of our activities and programs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our School of Education!

Chrystalla Mouza

Director and Distinguished Professor of Teacher Education