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School of Education

Jenifer Hummer

Ph.D. in Education – Mathematics Education

I began the Ph.D. program in mathematics education at the University of Delaware after working with New York City public schools for over a decade, first as a high school mathematics teacher and then as an education administrator.

I enjoyed working with the public-school system, but I believed that understanding more about education research which influences education policy would allow me to have a greater impact on the way we teach secondary students.

I chose the mathematics education specialization at UD’s School of Education because the professors have expertise in the areas I was most interested in studying: professional development for teachers and student engagement.

During my four years here, I have had the opportunity to work on a National Science Foundation CAREER Grant: Proof in Secondary Classrooms: Decomposing a Central Mathematical Practice (Principle Investigator: Michelle Cirillo). I have co-authored one paper, presented at several national conferences and was honored with a prestigious fellowship for STEM scholars from the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education.

Being actively involved in ongoing research has been invaluable in furthering my understanding of how to conduct long-term research in education. Through working on the CAREER Grant, I have been able to continue working with teachers in professional development. Additionally, I received a summer dissertation award which provided funding that was instrumental in supporting me to conduct lesson study on mathematical modeling with secondary teachers.

The supportive environment of the College of Education and Human Development—from both faculty and graduate students from multiple areas of study—has greatly influenced my ability to stay on track to finish my Ph.D. program in four years.