The School of Education welcomes potential visiting scholars who are interested in working with faculty members in our department. The below information describes the SOE’s procedures for reviewing applications from potential visiting scholars. Please note that potential visiting scholars require a faculty sponsor in the School of Education. This faculty member will submit the application on the potential scholar’s behalf.

Step 1: The faculty sponsor contacts the chair of the Welfare Committee to communicate his or her intention to propose a visiting scholar.

Step 2: The faculty sponsor completes the below application form on behalf of the scholar and submits it to the Welfare Committee for initial review. Please note that this application form is due by September 1 for intended arrival the following Spring or by February 1 for intended arrival the following Fall.

Step 3: The Welfare Committee reviews the application. If the application passes initial review, the Welfare Committee will request that program area faculty review the application.

Step 4: Program area faculty review the application. Faculty should consider the visiting scholar’s contribution to the field and his/her potential contribution to the SOE and university.

Step 5: In consultation with the program area faculty and the director of the SOE, the Welfare Committee prepares a recommendation.

Step 6: The Welfare Committee presents its recommendation to the faculty and the faculty vote to approve the scholar. Supplemental materials will be circulated to faculty prior to the faculty meeting.

Step 7: If the applicant is an international scholar, the faculty sponsor and scholar should complete the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) visiting scholar approval process. Please note that completed documents are due to OISS six weeks before the scholar’s arrival.


Visiting Scholar Application

A faculty sponsor will submit this application to the Welfare Committee on behalf of a potential visiting scholar. Please note that this application form is due by September 1 if the scholar intends to arrive the following Spring or by February 1 for intended arrival the following Fall. The Welfare Committee will provide initial review and communicate the results to the faculty sponsor before the process continues.
  • Please upload the applicant's curriculum vitae or resume in PDF form.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please include a statement of purpose from the applicant that describes their intended research program or goals and their interest in the University of Delaware School of Education. Please limit this statement to 750 characters.
  • Please describe the applicant's research strengths, collaborative history, and any other attributes that should be considered. Please also include recent notable accomplishments or awards.
  • Please describe the applicant's potential contribution to faculty sponsor's research program or to the department. Please be as specific as possible, especially if you have discussion potential collaborative projects.
  • Please confirm that the faculty sponsor and the applicant understand that the School of Education is unable to contribute significant financial or administrative resources to the visiting scholar (if approved). The faculty sponsor may submit a letter of request for minor expenses to the director of the School of Education once the visiting scholar has been approved. The director will evaluate these requests in light of the needs of the SOE, but please know that approval is not guaranteed.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.