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School of Education

Traditional Master’s Program Track in Exceptional Children and Youth

Program Coordinator: Laura Eisenman

The traditional M.Ed. in Exceptional Children and Youth requires a minimum of 33 credits of graduate-level coursework, including 6 core courses (18 credits) and 5 concentration courses (15 credits).

Core Courses (18 credits)

  • EDUC 623: Applied Human Development in the Schools
  • EDUC 680: Educational Evaluation: Exceptional Children and Youth
  • EDUC 681: Techniques for Behavior Change and Positive Behavior Support
  • EDUC 682: Special Issues in Special Education
  • EDUC 745: Collaborative Teaming in Special Education
  • and one methods course aligned with program concentration:
    • EDUC 754: Special Education Instruction and Curriculum: Elementary or
    • EDUC 674: Special Education Instruction and Curriculum: Secondary or
    • EDUC 625: Special Education Instruction and Curriculum: Autism/Severe

Concentration Courses (15 credits)

Students choose a concentration in one of the following areas: elementary, secondary, or Autism/severe disabilities. A special education technology focus area is also an option. Students take 15 credits in their concentration including one course in assistive or educational technology. Please see the recommended courses for the concentrations.

Exit Requirement

Students must write a case study final paper as the exit requirement for the M.Ed. in Exceptional Children and Youth. In this final paper, students demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge gained in the program to educational practice. This final paper will require integration of scholarly knowledge with practical expertise and problem solving.

Instead of the case study final paper and with approval from the program faculty, students may choose to complete a master’s thesis research project, which counts for 6 of the required credits.

Students pursuing an additional DE certification as part of the master’s program should consult with their advisor regarding courses required by the state.

Application Information

Please see this page for information on applying to the M.Ed. in Exceptional Children and Youth program.

For more information about this program, please contact Laura Eisenman.