Students work together in classBelow is information for faculty, adjuncts and graduate students who teach courses in the School of Education.

Adjunct & Graduate TA Support

Marilis Cruz provides support for adjuncts and graduate students who teach for their assistantship, including answering questions about UDSIS, copying, grading, and other logistics about teaching at UD. If you need copies and are not on campus, you can email them to her at at least two days prior to when they are needed.

Classroom Problems

If your classroom does not suit your needs (e.g., not enough space or chairs), contact Jo Ann Merritt at or 831-8491. If your classroom is locked after 5:00 pm, call Public Safety at 302-831-2222.


Work study students are available in the mailroom (130 Willard Hall) to make copies or scan documents for your class. To obtain copies, complete a request form and leave it in the tray attached to the work to be completed in the mailroom. For assistance when a work study student is not available, see Marilis Cruz in 113 Willard Hall. Copies should be requested at least two days prior to when they are needed.

Please note that work study students cannot copy quizzes or exams. These assessments are copied by the staff member assigned to the instructor. Before requesting any copies, please review the University of Delaware Policy for Copyright and Fair Use In Instruction and/or have copyright authorization for any reproduction request that is copyrighted material.


When communicating via email, we encourage you to send emails from your UD account and to use your students’ UD email addresses. You can communicate with your entire class via the UD PO Box and send several attachments to students via the UD Dropbox.


Students complete online course evaluations and instructors can access the results here. Jo Ann Merritt sends three reminders to students to complete the evaluation: a few days prior to the start, the first day and the last day of the participation window.

Final Exams

If you need a room for a final exam during finals week for an upcoming course, please contact Jo Ann Merritt at or 831-8491 when the course is being scheduled. The time and location of your final exam is available here.


Contact Mary Mohr in the Registrar’s office at or (302) 831-1552 with questions about grades.


Instructors should see Brenda Radziewicz in 113 Willard Hall to obtain building and mailbox keys. A deposit of $20 is required.


The mailroom at 130 Willard is locked when work study students are not in the room and after 5:00 pm. You will need the mailroom key to enter it.

Scheduling a Room

Contact Marilis Cruz at or 831-8695 if you are interested in scheduling the conference rooms at 117 or 207 Willard and or would like to schedule the 205 Willard classroom (36 seats). You can schedule any classroom on campus for a special event (e.g., exam review session) by submitting a web form on the Office of the Registrar web page. The capacity of rooms on campus is also available here.


Supplies are located in the mailroom (130 Willard Hall). Contact Marilis Cruz at or 831-8695 to order supplies.


Instructors need to submit an electronic copy of your syllabus to Jessica Henderson at at the beginning of each semester for every course that they teach.


Instructors can use Sakai or Canvas as their online learning management system. Course sessions in certain classrooms can be recorded through UD Capture.

The SMARTboard room in the Education Resource Center (ERC) can be reserved by contacting Chris McBride at or 831-2335. Instructors can reserve electronic equipment from the ERC such as laptops, projectors and audio recorders.

Textbook Orders

Instructors should order their course textbook(s) no later than one month prior to the beginning of classes following these instructions for ordering textbooks. Instructions on how to order textbooks is available here. Desk copies can be ordered by the staff member assigned to the instructor.

Permitting Students into Your Course

If a student requests permission into your course via email or the online Course Permit process, first check the capacity of your classroom here or ask Jo Ann Merritt at or 831-8491 about the capacity to ensure that there are enough seats in the classroom. If the classroom can accommodate the additional student and you would like to permit the student into your course, then email Jo Ann with your permission and the student’s name and ID number.

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