Students participate in Dr. Lewis's classThe course requirements for students who entered the University in the following years are available through the links below.

If applicable to your year of entry, please also see the approved lists of English literature courses and Creative Arts and Humanities University breadth requirement courses.

If applicable to your concentration area, please see the approved list of English diversity courses.


The coursework in the ETE program provides students with the tools to be effective classroom teachers. The coursework is divided into three areas.

  • The General Studies courses develop students’ content knowledge in the areas of English, mathematics, science, social sciences, and fine arts.
  • The Professional Studies courses prepares students for their future classroom by addressing cultural diversity, human development, literacy, special education, lesson planning, and other areas in education. These courses often include field experiences where students can connect theory and practice and develop their teaching skills.
  • The Concentration courses provide students with an opportunity to pursue a concentration in one of the following areas and develop an area of expertise: English as a Second Language, middle school English, middle school mathematics, middle school science, middle school social studies, and special education.

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