The Collge School

Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) students who pursue this concentration can become eligible for middle school social studies certification when they successfully complete the following courses with a grade of C- or better and pass the relevant Praxis II test identified on the Praxis II web page. Students must also have a minimum 2.75 GPA in their social studies courses, including the General Studies social studies courses, prior to enrolling in the student teaching experience EDUC 400.

Course Requirements

  • ECON course
  • GEOG course
  • HIST 103, 104, 205 OR 206: World or U.S. History
  • HIST 315: History for Teachers (fall semesters)
  • HIST course from the list of approved courses below
  • POSC 150 OR 270: Civics & Economics for Teachers, American Political System, OR Comparative Politics (whichever was not taken for General Studies)
  • One elective course (3 credits) from HIST, GEOG, POSC OR ECON
  • EDUC 348: Investigating Social Studies in Middle School Communities 
  • EDUC 400-036: Student Teaching: Middle School Social Studies 

Portfolio Requirement

In EDUC 348, students will compile artifacts (e.g., tests, projects) from the social studies courses that they have taken up until that point and submit a portfolio to demonstrate that they have addressed the National Council of Social Studies Standards during their coursework. There will be a meeting during their sophomore year where they will meet with the other students in this concentration to learn about which artifacts should be saved from their social studies courses. Vicki Goettel will coach students during and after this meeting about the portfolio requirements and answer questions about them.

Approved History Courses

HIST101 Western Civilization to 1648
HIST102 Western Civilization: 1648 to the Present
HIST103 World History I
HIST104 World History II
HIST130 Islamic Near East: 600-1500
HIST131 Islamic Near East: 1500-Present
HIST134 History of Africa
HIST135 Introduction to Latin American History
HIST137 East Asian Civilization: China
HIST138 East Asian Civilization: Japan
HIST200 History and Government of Delaware
HIST201 Introduction to Global Islam
HIST205 United States History
HIST206 United States History
HIST210 Introduction to Military History
HIST216 Introduction to Material Culture Studies
HIST220 American Civil Rights Movement
HIST241 History of Christianity to 1300
HIST243 Ancient Religion and Civilization
HIST254 Jewish Holocaust: 1933-1945
HIST270 History of Modern Asia
HIST300 Women in American History
HIST302 The World in Our Time
HIST307 The United States in the Early National Period
HIST308 The United States in the Antebellum Period
HIST309 United States Business and Political Economy
HIST310 Postwar America I: 1945-1963
HIST311 Postwar America II: 1963-Present
HIST312 History of Crime and Criminal Justice
HIST313 The United States, 1877 – 1914
HIST314 The United States, 1914 – 1945
HIST317 Buying In: Consumer Capitalism in the US
HIST318 Colonial America
HIST319 Revolutionary America
HIST321 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST323 The Old South
HIST324 American Constitutional History
HIST325 History of Black America to the Civil War
HIST326 History of Black America Since the Civil War
HIST328 American Industrial Society from 1815 to the Present
HIST329 International Migration
HIST334 African American Women’s History
HIST339 Topics in European History
HIST340 Ancient Near East and Greece
HIST341 Ancient Rome
HIST342 Barbarian Europe
HIST343 Medieval Europe: 1050-1350
HIST344 Renaissance Europe
HIST345 Reformation Europe
HIST348 History of Spain: 1479-Present
HIST349 Modern Latin America: 1800-Present
HIST350 World War II in Europe, 1939-1945
HIST351 Europe in Crisis: 1919-1945
HIST352 Contemporary European Society
HIST353 Modern Germany: 1770-1919
HIST354 Germany in the Twentieth Century: 1914 to Present
HIST359 Soviet Union: 1917-1990
HIST363 Modern Jewish History
HIST368 Modern China: 1600-1920’s
HIST369 China since 1900
HIST370 History of Modern Japan
HIST371 Postwar Japan
HIST372 Japan’s Global Pop Culture
HIST374 History of England to 1715
HIST375 Britain Since 1714
HIST377 Radicalism and Revolution: Islamic Movement/Modern Middle East
HIST378 Nationalism in the Modern Middle East
HIST380 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST381 Islam and the West: The History of Mutual Perceptions
HIST382 History of Western Medicine
HIST386 Asian America: Culture and History
HIST388 American Indian History
HIST389 The American West
HIST390 American Indians: The Southwest
HIST393 History of Modern Vietnam
HIST394 Africa Since 1960
HIST395 Pan Africanism