The early field experiences in the freshman and sophomore years include working closely with individual and small groups of students and observing classrooms. Transportation is provided for students to their early field placement. The following chart describes the early field experiences in the Elementary Teacher Education coursework.

Course Location Activity Amount of Time
EDUC 205 – Human Development: Grades K-8 Boy’s & Girl’s Club or Latin American Community Center Mentor elementary and middle school students, including helping with homework. Create and implement a developmentally appropriate art activity. 10 sessions of 1 hour (5 with grades K-4 and 5 with grades 5-8)
EDUC 210 – Beginning Literacy Instruction Kindergarten or first grade classroom Administer a spelling test, implement read-aloud lessons, and engage in word recognition activities. 5 sessions of 40 minutes
EDUC 230 – Introduction to Exceptional Children Regular K-5 classrooms and in specialized settings Observe the delivery of special education and related services in the classroom. 2 sessions of 1 hour

Field Experience Clearances

The Office of Clinical Studies (OCS) can assist you with the following clearances and questions about your early field experiences. The OCS web site describes the services that they provide and information related to field experiences. Questions can be e-mailed to the Office of Clinical Studies at

TB Testing: In order to comply with state regulations, students must show written proof of a negative PPD (Mantoux) Tuberculin Test before working in the schools. Students may have the test administered by their physician, a public health clinic, or at the Student Health Center on campus. There is a $5.00 charge to students who have this service performed at the health center. If you use an off campus site, the results must submitted to the Student Health Center so that the Office of Clinical Studies can clear you for your field experiences. All students must have a negative TB test within three years of their placements in the field.

Criminal Background History:  Prior to all field experiences, students will need to annually complete a federal criminal background check at the Delaware State Police offices at Troop 2 or Troop 3. The federal criminal background check takes 6-8 weeks to process. All education majors must complete their background check between April 1st and May 10th to be cleared for courses with field experiences for the next academic year. Information about securing a federal background check in the State of Delaware and the online background check for incoming freshmen is available online at the Office of Clinical Studies website.