The following courses are electives in the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for students who were admitted to the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in Fall 2013 or later. Please click here for program requirements if you began the Ed.D. program before Fall 2013.

In addition to the courses on these lists, the student’s advisor can approve other electives based on the student’s goals and needs.

Learning Sciences
EDUC 804 Foundation of the Learning Sciences
EDUC 815 Design of Learning Environments
EDUC 819 Disciplinary Knowledge in Learning Sciences


Literacy Development and Learning Problems
EDUC 802 Reading Development and Instruction
EDUC 807 Writing Development and Instruction
EDUC 822 Critical Issues/Literacy Development


Mathematics Education
EDUC 833 Research/Theory of Math Learning
EDUC 834 Research/Theory of Math Teaching
EDUC 835 Research/Theory of Math Curriculum
EDUC 836 Research/Theory of Math Teacher Education and School Improvement


Research Methodology
EDUC 812 Regression and Structural Equation Modeling
EDUC 826 Mixed Methods in Social Science Research
EDUC 850 Qualitative Research in Educational Settings
EDUC 852 Critical and Interpretive Methods in Education Research
EDUC 858 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
EDUC 859 Ethnographic Research
EDUC 865 Educational Measurement Theory
EDUC 873 Multilevel Models in Education
EDUC 874 Applied Multivariate Data Analysis


School Psychology
EDUC 618 Introduction to School Psychology
EDUC 651 Diversity and Family School Collaboration
EDUC 813 Childhood Psychopathology
EDUC 830 Consultation and Intervention: School Discipline


Sociocultural and Community-Based Approaches to Education
EDUC 854 Topics: Equity in Education
EDUC 855 Topics: Sociocultural Theories of Education