The following courses are required for students who were admitted to the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in Fall 2013 or later. Please program requirements for students admitted before Fall 2013.

Students can plan their program of study with the individual program plan. This document includes basic information about the schedule of courses.

Ed.D. Doctoral Core Courses   (27 credits)

Educational Improvement

Course Number Course Title Credits
EDUC 897 Curriculum Planning and Design 3
EDUC 818 Educational Technology Foundations
EDUC 839 Education Policy & Governance
EDUC 891 Organizational Problem Analysis and Planning in Education 3
EDUC 890 Leadership: Theory and Research

Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Course Number Course Title Credits
EDUC 827 Analysis of Secondary Data for Decision Making
EDUC 828 Research in Education Decision Making
EDUC 846 Collection and Analysis of Data for Decision Making
EDUC 863 Program Evaluation in Education

Core Course Substitutions

Students are expected to complete all core courses in the degree program.  On rare occasions, extenuating circumstances may warrant a course substitution.  On those occasions, students may write a petition to the SOE’s Committee on Graduate Studies in Education (CGSE) requesting a course substitution.  The petition should describe the extenuating circumstances that warrant the request and explain the benefits that accrue to the students’ scholarly development.  The student’s advisor must approve the petition.

Electives (15 credits)

Students can take electives from a list of courses in the areas of Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics; Learning Sciences; Literacy Development and Learning Problems; Mathematics Education; School Psychology; and Sociocultural and Community-Based Approaches to Education.  In addition to the courses on this list, the student’s advisor can approve other electives based on the student’s goals and needs.

K-12 School Leadership Internship (6 credits)

Students interested in earning a Delaware certificate for School District Personnel and Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent must take the 6 credit EDUC 879 School Leader Internship Course. This course takes the place of six of the 15 credits of electives.

Course Number Course Title Credits
EDUC 879 School Leader Internship Part 1–Spring 3
EDUC 879 School Leader Internship Part 2–Summer 3

Education Leadership Portfolio  (12 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credits
EDUC 880 Education Leadership Portfolio 1 4
EDUC 881 Education Leadership Portfolio 2 4
EDUC 882 Education Leadership Portfolio 3 4

Total credits: 54