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Colloquium Series

Writing Research: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading

This colloquium series will foster an extended conversation about the present state of writing research and productive paths for future work. Invited speakers will share their current work on writing instruction, assessment, disciplinary writing, cognitive models, or online writing and describe their vision for the next five years of writing research.

 All colloquium presentations will be held in 207 Willard Hall.  A discussion with the speaker will follow each presentation.

Date Time Location Fall 2015 Speakers and Presentation Titles
September 16 1:00-3:00 207 Willard
School of Education Faculty, University of Delaware
Colloquium Series Introduction
September 30 1:00-3:00 207 Willard
Deborah Brandt, Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Writing Over Reading: Reflections on the Future of Mass Literacy”
1:00-3:00 207 Willard
Young-Suk Grace Kim, Associate Professor, School of Teacher Education, Florida State University
“Digging Deeper into the Developmental Models of Writing”
1:00-3:00 207 Willard
Paul Deane, Principal Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service
“What Are We Measuring with Direct Writing Assessment? What Automated Writing Evaluation and Keystroke Logging Technologies Tell Us”
1:00-3:00 207 Willard
Tony Allen, Chairperson, Wilmington Education Advisory Committee and Bank of America Senior Executive
“Reflections on ‘Strengthening Wilmington Education,’ Wilmington Education Advisory Committee Interim Report


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