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Greater than the Sum of its Parts? Integrated Approaches to STEM Education in Pre-K-16

National discourse and several reports published recently by the National Academies raise questions about opportunities and challenges associated with STEM education, in particular, the integration of individual fields represented in STEM. The speakers in this series will address multifaceted dimensions of integrated STEM education, examining questions such as the following: What is integrated STEM education? What are the purposes and expected outcomes of integrated STEM education (e.g., STEM literacy, interest and engagement, learning and achievement, and STEM identity)? What are potential models of STEM integration in PreK-16 formal and informal learning environments? What are the implications of integrated STEM education for student learning, assessment, and teacher education?

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Date Time Location Speaker
October 8 1:00 207 Willard Chrystalla Mouza, Nancy Lavigne, and Zoubeida Dagher, University of Delaware
October 29 1:00 207 Willard Mitchell Nathan, Professor of Learning Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison (presentation summary)
November 5 1:00 207 Willard Christian Schunn Professor of Psychology, Learning Sciences and Intelligent Systems, University of Pittsburgh
November 19 1:00 207 Willard Yasmin Kafai, Professor of Learning Sciences, University of Pennsylvania


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