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What Matters for Student Outcomes: Teacher Quality or Teaching Practices?

Public discussion about educational accountability increasingly focuses on the factors  that contribute to student learning and development. Questions arise about who should be held accountable for student outcomes, what standards should be used to make these judgments, and whether the goal of improving student outcomes is best served by focusing on teacher quality or teaching practices. Contrasting perspectives about these issues have important implications for policy, research, and practice. Our colloquium series will address the historical backdrop that gives impetus to these questions, the methodological challenges associated with the measurement of teaching quality, and the implications of these discussions for improving classroom instruction.

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Date Time Location Speaker
Feb. 19 1:00 207 Willard Drew Gitomer (Rose & Nicholas DeMarzo Professor of Education, Rutgers University)
March 5 1:00 207 Willard Robert C. Pianta (Novartis Professor & Dean of Education, University of Virginia)
March 17 1:00 207 Willard David K. Cohen (John Dewey Collegiate Professor of Education & Public Policy, University of Michigan)
April 23 1:00 207 Willard Yasser A. Payne (Associate Professor Black American Studies, University of Delaware)
April 30 1:00 207 Willard Robert Floden (University Distinguished Professor & Associate Dean of Education, Michigan State University)
May 14 1:00 207 Willard Dawn Berk (Assistant Professor of Education, University of Delaware)
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