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School of Education

Application for Advanced Degree

In order to graduate, all graduate students must be registered for a course or be in doctoral sustaining credit during the term in which they will officially graduate. At the beginning of the graduation term, students must also complete and submit an Application for Advanced Degree.

The application must be signed by the student’s advisor, Christina Johnston, and the department chair. Students should ask their advisors to first sign the application and then deliver the document to David Hannah. David Hannah will assist with the department chair’s signature and deliver the document to the Office of Graduate and Professional Education.

A payment of $50 for master’s students and $95 for doctoral candidates is required when submitting the application. This fee can be paid directly at the Cashier’s Office or students can attach a check to their application form. Contact David Hannah with any questions.

Please see the Office of Graduate and Professional Education or the Ph.D. and Ed.D. Graduate Timeline for each semester’s deadlines.