Winter 2018

The School of Education will offer a study abroad program to Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain in Winter 2018. Dr. Brad Glass and Dr. William Lewis are the faculty directors for the program. All participants will complete the following two courses as part of the program.

  • EDUC 390 – Classroom Management for Social and Emotional Learning
  • MATH 253 – Mathematics for K-8 Teachers: Geometry, Measurement and Algebra OR MATH 240 – Geometry and Measurement for Middle School Teachers.

Many students ask about taking MATH 240 because they have already completed MATH 253.

  • If you are in the middle school math concentration, then MATH 240 is one of your required courses.
  • If you are in the special education concentration, then MATH 240 can count as one of your electives.
  • What if none of the above categories apply to you? You can still enroll in MATH 240 and participate in this program. The material that we cover is relevant and will help you become a better elementary school teacher, but will not count towards a graduation requirement. We have several students study abroad with us each year that are in this category. Please be aware that you must enroll in one of the math courses.

As of Spring 2017, all slots for this study abroad experience have been filled. However, we invite you to learn about the program by watching the slideshow below.