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School of Education

UD’s College of Education and Human Development and the School of Education will host a reception for UD alumni, faculty, colleagues, and leaders in the education community during the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2017 annual meeting.

Join us on Friday, April 28 from 7-9 pm in La Reina room of the Hilton Palacio Del Rio, located at 200 South Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX. The Hilton Palacio Del Rio is also conveniently located near several theaters, museums, and the famed river walk in San Antonio.

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and conversation with our UD community. Learn about new initiatives in our college, including:

  • Research to improve educational outcomes for students in our communities
  • New study abroad programs and our efforts to teach our undergraduates be global citizens
  • Our revised PhD and EdD doctoral programs
  • Our new online master’s programs in Teacher LeadershipLiteracy, and Exceptional Children and Youth

For more information about this event, please contact Jessica Henderson.

AERA 2017 participants

Ann Marie Aviles and co-presenter Women of Color Cultivating Critical Hope through Solidarity Work
Ann Marie Aviles and co-presenters Revisiting Dando Un Paso: Pushing Brown Boundaries
Lauren Bailes Working a System That Doesn’t Work for Them: The Influence of Teachers’ Collaboration on Their Political Efficacy
Tia Navelene Barnes and co-presenters Psychosocial Health and Well-Being Among Educators Serving Students in Residential Self-Contained Special Education School Settings: A Case Study
Tia Navelene Barnes and co-presenters Sources of (In)Stability in Classrooms Serving Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Dawn M. Berk Designing Mathematics Teacher Preparation that Matters: Results and Lessons Learned from a Fifteen-Year Effort
Deborah A. Bieler (Chair) How Can Equity -Oriented Teacher Educators Respond to Corporatization? A Research and Resistance Roundtable
Deborah A. Bieler and co-presenters It Has Come to This: Direct Action for Teacher Educators
Jinfa Cai Journal Talks 1: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
Jinfa Cai and co-presenters Soft Skills: Is There Also an East-West Gap?
Sara Bernice Chapman and co-presenters Reliability and Factor Structure of a Student Survey of Teacher Effectiveness
Sara Bernice Chapman and co-presenters Principals’ Accuracy in Evaluating Teachers’ Social and Emotional Learning Effectiveness
Sara Bernice Chapman and co-presenters Principals’ Use of Rating Scale Categories in Teacher Evaluation
Lei Chen Critical Thinking Through Chinese Students’ Reflections in a U.S. University: A Situated Cognition Perspective
Debra J. Coffey (Discussant) Innovative Teacher Education Program Designs
Debra J. Coffey (Discussant) Disciplinary Literacy in Teacher Preparation
Andrea Drewes, Chrystalla Mouza, Joseph A. Henderson and co-presenters The Effects of Climate Change Education Professional Development on Teacher Implementation Decisions and Student Learning Outcomes
Andrea Drewes, Joseph A. Henderson, Chrystalla Mouza Designing and Validating a Climate Change Knowledge Instrument
Meng Fan and co-presenters A Rasch Analysis of a Global Engagement Measurement Survey
Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple (Chair) Exploring the K-12 Leadership Labor Market in Different Contexts
Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple and co-presenter Facilitating Careers in Data Use
Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple and co-speakers Journal Talks 2: International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership
Elizabeth N. Farley-RippleJoan Buttram Instructional Responses to Student Assessment Data: Toward a Classification of Teacher Uses of Interim Data
Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple, Katherine Tilley, and co-presenter Brokerage and the Research-Practice Gap: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination
Jennifer Gallo-FoxElizabeth Gayle SoslauKathryn Scantlebury It’s Not So Easy: Implementing Co-Evaluation During Student Teaching
Jennifer Gallo-FoxLauren Stegeman
Learning Through Co-Teaching in Early Childhood Clinical Field Experiences: A Cross-Case Study of Learning Affordances
Christine Carrino Gorowara (Officer) Accreditation, Assessment, and Program Evaluation Research in Educator Preparation Discussion SIG Business Meeting
Joseph A. Henderson (Officer) Environmental Education SIG Business Meeting
Joseph A. Henderson, Amy E. Trauth-Nare, Andrea Drewes Action in the Era of Global Warming: Changing Climate Change Education
Joseph A. Henderson, Andrea Drewes and co-presenters Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in Climate Change Education Discourse: An Eco-Linguistic Perspective
Alison Hooper Exploring the Educational Practices of Home-Based Childcare Providers
Marisa Kofke Society Likes to Put People Into Socially Constructed Boxes: Exploration of the Liminal Space Through Undergraduate Students’ Critical Reflections of Disability
Marisa Kofke A Social Ecological Framework to Approach Social Skills Instruction With Youth With Autism
Henry May, Kalyn McDonough, Katherine Tilley, Elizabeth N. Farley-Ripple, Allison Karpyn and co-presenters Multilevel Measurement of Organizational Use of Research in Schools
Henry May (Participant) Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis Closed Editorial Board Meeting
Chrystalla Mouza (Chair) What Does a Spectrum of TPACK Applications Look Like?
Chrystalla Mouza, Lori Pollock, Yi-Cheng Pan, Sule Yilmaz Ozden, Hui Yang Infusing Computational Thinking in Teacher Preparation: Examining Preservice Teacher Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice
Ratna Nandakumar (Chair) Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Measurement and Assessment
Ratna Nandakumar (Chair) Rasch Analysis
Bisola Neil Focusing on African American Math Teachers to Develop a Critical Theory in Mathematics Education
Yi-Cheng Pan, Chrystalla Mouza, Hui Yang, and co-presenter Growing Computational Thinkers: Longitudinal Trajectories of Middle School Students
Luke Rinne and co-presenters Methods of Covariate Inclusion in Latent Transition Analysis: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
Rosalie Rolon-Dow, Jill Ewing Flynn, Hilary Mead, Lynn Worden Building Racial Literacy With Preservice Teachers
Kathryn Scantlebury Re-Turning Feminist Science Education Research Through Matter, Materiality, and an Examination of Material Moments
Kathryn Scantlebury and co-speakers Journal Talks 6: Gender and Education
Elizabeth Gayle Soslau, Nicholas Steven Bell Managing Racial Stress While Educating White Teacher Candidates: A Self-Study
Elizabeth Gayle SoslauStephanie Kotch-JesterKathryn Scantlebury Huddling: A Key Practice in Co-Teaching for Developing Teacher Candidates’ Adaptive Teaching Expertise
Joshua Wilson and co-presenters Automated Writing Evaluation: College Student Perceptions and Future Intentions
Carol A. Wong, Hannah Kim, Barry Alan Joyce Reimagining World History: Analyzing College Learners’ Conceptual Understanding of World History
Yanmiao XieMeng Fan (poster presentation) Household Food Insecurity and Academic Performance: Results From the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study
Ai Ye, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Ilyse Resnick, Nicole Hansen, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Jessica Carrique Rodrigues, Luke Rinne, Nancy C. Jordan Pathways to Fraction Learning: Numerical Abilities Mediate the Relation Between Cognitive Competencies and Fraction Knowledge
 Ai Ye, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Laura Cutler, Cory Gilden, Yanmiao Xie, Yi-Young Yun; Juana Gaviria Investigating the Bidirectional Relationship Between Home Environment and Student Achievement: A Cross-Lagged Longitudinal Analysis