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Zoubeida R. Dagher

Dr. Zoubeida R. Dagher is professor of science education at the School of Education and a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Science, Ethics, and Public Policy, University of Delaware. She is currently serving as Past President of the International History and Philosophy of Science Teaching [IHPST] Group. Her research interests include the nature of scientific methods and practices and representations of scientific epistemology in science curriculum and instruction. Dr. Dagher has coauthored a book titled: Reconceptualizing the Nature of Science for Science Education: Scientific Knowledge, Practices and Other Family Categories (2014). The book proposes an expanded theoretical framework for teaching the nature of science and includes a set of practical implications that honor disciplinary perspectives as well as social and historical contexts. She has also co-edited a book with S. BouJaoude titled: The World of Science Education: Arab States  (2009), which provides research perspectives on science education in Arab countries. Dr. Dagher is a former recipient of a National Academy of Education Spencer Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award. Her professional experiences include serving as elected member to the Board of Directors of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching [NARST] and as member of the Advisory Council of the IHPST Group. Dr. Dagher has also served as member of several editorial review boards in science education journals. She has been a visiting scholar at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia, the Lebanese University in Lebanon, and the American University of Beirut. She has also served as deputy dean for one year at the College of Education at Qatar University, Doha, Qatar.