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Christina Barbieri

Dr. Barbieri is an assistant professor specializing in evaluation, measurement, and statistics with a secondary affiliation in learning sciences in the School of Education at the University of Delaware. Her research focuses on the evaluation and application of cognitive learning principles to improve mathematical competencies, especially for students at risk for low mathematics achievement. Currently, Dr. Barbieri is Co-PI on an IES-funded Goal 1 Exploration grant focused on the relationship between improvements in fraction understanding and algebra readiness. She teaches courses related to human development and quantitative methodology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Prior to receiving her PhD in Educational Psychology at Temple University, Dr. Barbieri spent several years as an evaluation and assessment analyst for New York State’s Safe Horizon Forensic Interviewing Best Practice Project. She completed post-doctoral training at the University of Delaware through an IES training grant focused on bridging research in education and cognitive science. Throughout her postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate training, she has specialized in analyzing quantitative data, and has completed significant training and coursework using a variety of advanced statistical techniques.

Dr. Barbieri has published in both academic and policy outlets and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Educational Psychology and the Journal of Experimental Education.

For more information about Dr. Barbieri’s program of research, visit her website.