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School of Education

Elementary Block Field Experience

A student teacher reads aloud to a group of young children at CEHD's children's campus..

The Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) students complete an extensive field experience when then take their curriculum (methods) courses in one semester during their junior year. This experience builds on the early field experiences and situates ETE students in the role of a classroom teacher.

Courses and Calendar

The field experience calendar and descriptions of the assignments in the block of elementary courses can be found through the following links.

Student Information

Roles and Responsibilities

As a student in our ETE program, please review our Student Responsibilities document before your elementary block field experiences.


The Office of Clinical Studies (OCS) can assist students with the following clearances and questions about your field experiences. Questions can be e-mailed to clinicalstudies@udel.edu.

TB Testing: In order to comply with state regulations, students must show written proof of a negative PPD (Mantoux) Tuberculin Test before working in the schools. Students may have the test administered by their physician, a public health clinic, or at the Student Health Center on campus. If you use an off campus site, the results must submitted to the Student Health Center. All students must have a negative TB test within three years of their placements in the field.

Criminal Background Check:  Prior to all field experiences, students will need to annually complete a federal criminal background check at the Delaware State Police offices at Troop 2 or Troop 3. The federal criminal background check takes 6-8 weeks to process. All education majors must complete their background check between April 1st and May 10th to be cleared for courses with field experiences for the next academic year.

Clinical Educator Information

Roles and Responsibilities

For information on the roles and responsibilities of our clinical educators, please see Clinical Educator Expectations.

Contact Information

Supervisor Email
Heather Palmer heatherlj129@aol.com
Denise Schrum dschrum@udel.edu
Diane Chandler dchandler30@gmail.com
Vickie Raffetto varaffetto@gmail.com
Kathleen Landry kathleen.landry@comcast.net


The following documents are used in the schools by cooperating teachers, supervisors, field instructors, and students.

Clinical Educators and UD Field Supervisors